Fundraising Information
How does the fundraising work?
 After you have contacted us on your interest in using MarCon Pies for your
next fundraiser, we will send you a fundraising order form and list of pies.
The forms and list can then be duplicated for each customer. You can also
Use/duplicate the order form attached below.  A deadline should be set for all
order forms to be handed in and then a master form needs to be figured and
fixed or delivered to MarCon Pies.

How do we get the pies once we order them?
  We will then bake the pies after we received your order, and deliver the pies
on a designated day.  You are responsible for distributing to individual

What are the different selections available to the consumer regarding the pies
  Most pies are available in fresh, unbaked, frozen, baked and frozen, and
sugar free.  All of the fruit pies are available sugar free and all can be made
into "Crunch" pies except caramel apple and mince.

How much do pies cost and is there a minimum?
  Each of our pies cost  $8.20 and we cannnot set your price for selling them. Iit
is up to your organization to set a price. Our minimum order is 50 Pies.
                                   Delivery Charges may apply.

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